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Visit in Frantisky - Home of your ancestrors

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Josef Mundil aus Frantisky


Colfax County, Now Living in Clarkson, Are

 Joseph M. Mundil, born in Frantisky, County of Skutec, Bohemia, August 14, 1856. He came to this country to his uncle, Frank Mundil, who had come with family in 1875 and taken a homestead in the northern part of the county. Mr. Mundil began to make his way at first by working in a saloon in Schuyler, but he did not like that kind of occupation, so he accepted a position in a general merchandise store. When a country school was established near his uncle's place April 1, 1879, he resigned and attended school, which held only a three months' term, as was customary. In September 1879, Mr. Mundil's father (Joseph), and sister (Frances), followed him from Bohemia. The elder Mundil bought eighty acres, where the son experienced the usual beginners' problems. In November, 1882, he married Miss Frances Mundil. In 1885 he was elected Precinct Assessor and served until 1889 when he moved to Clarkson. The town, not yet three years old, was situated five miles from his farm. He engaged in farm loan, insurance and real estate business and in 1890 was appointed postmaster, under President Harrison, from which office he resigned in 1897. With his sons, Fred F. and Joseph Jr., Mr. Mundil is active in the interests of the Folda banks. He is vice-president of the Clarkson State Bank and the Farmers & Merchants Bank in Linwood; Fred F. Mundil is cashier of the latter, and Joseph Jr. is assistant cashier of the Clarkson State Bank. Mr. Mundil's father died in 1905 at the age of 79. Mrs. Mundil's father at about that age, both in Clarkson, where they are buried. His sister Frances married Chas. Svoboda in 1882. Mr. Svoboda died in Wilson, Kansas, in 1919 and his widow lives with her daughters in Wilson, Kansas, and Yukon, Oklahoma.

Joseph M. Mundil

Joseph M. Mundil, son of Joseph and Antonie (Bren) Mundil, was born in Frantisky, Skutec, Czechoslovakia, August 14, 1856. His father, who was born in Frantisky, August 26, 1826, came to America in September, 1879, and was a pioneer farmer in Colfax County. He was a Republican, and died at Clarkson, May 19, 1905. Antonie Bren Mundil was born in Frantisky, and died there in October, 1876.

Mr. Mundil attended the village school in Frantisky. and after coming to America, attended the country schools of Colfax County. He has lived in Nebraska fifty-two years, and at the present time is vice president of the Clarkson State Bank and vice president of the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Linwood. He is a notary public, and is engaged in the farm loans and insurance business.

His marriage to Frances Mundil was solemnized at Schuyler, Nebraska, November 12, 1882. Mrs. Mundil was born in Frantisky, Czechoslovakia, September 10, 1863. They have two children living, and two are deceased: Joseph, born October 7, 1883, died December 11, 1883; Frederick F., born March 6, 1887, is cashier of the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Linwood; William, born May 16, 1888, died March 3, 1896; Joseph, born December 27, 1889, is assistant cashier of the Clarkson State Bank.

Mr. Mundil is a Republican, and active in local politics. He is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and for twelve years was a member of the town and school boards, and four years assessor of Colfax County. He is active in the support of the Red Cross and Salvation Army, and is a member of the Woodmen of the World, the Modern Woodmen of America, the Bohemian Fraternal Association, and the Nebraskana Society. His son, Joseph, served in the World War as a volunteer, and is a member of the American Legion. Residence: Clarkson.

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